Parking lots can be a killer.

Most times you don't even realize your vehicle has been damaged. Shopping carts and car doors can wreak havoc on your factory finish. If you have small dents and dings on any panel of your vehicle, we can 100% restore the entire panel to that glossy finish you appreciate.


Creases can be caused by driving next to bushes and trees, shopping carts, golf clubs, and children playing. A gouge into the factory finish without breaking the paint is not the end of the world. A crease can range from one inch to twenty five inches long. They are fixable using Paintless Dent Repair and most times can come back to 100%.


Occasionally, in New England, we experience extreme weather. Ok, maybe it is more than on occasion. Sometimes there is no safe place for your vehicle to go during a hail storm. The dents left on the surface of your vehicle leave you with that undesirable golf ball look. Dealer Dents can 100% restore most Hail Damage on any vehicle. See our Hail Damage page for more info.


If you've had a minor accident or bumped into someone we may be able to help. Minor collision damage without broken paint may still be able to be repaired using PDR even though insurance suggested a body shop. Use our Estimates page to see if your vehicles damage is eligible for Paintless Dent Removal.