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What is Paintless Dent Removal(PDR)?

PDR is a hand skilled craft that uses hand tools, hot glue, light reflective boards, and a very keen eye. After gaining access to the back side of whichever panel is damaged, the technician pushes the dent hundreds of times move the metal back to its pre-damaged position. Never using bondo, fillers, sanding, and painting, the process is environmentally friendly and can save your vehicle from a visit to a collision center. When repaired properly, most dings, dents, creases, and even minor collision damage can come back to 100%.

Can any dent be fixed with PDR?

PDR is an art. Scratches, rust, and gouges in the paint are usually indicators that your vehicle needs conventional body shop methods. If the damage is very deep but still hasn't broken the paint, the metal could possibly be stretched, therefore rendering the dent unfixable. The easiest way to find out if your dent is fixable using PDR is by using our free email Estimate method.

What does PDR cost?

Small dings and dents start at about $75. Creases, oversized, or difficult to access dents and damage cost more to repair, but are still up to half off the cost of conventional body shop methods.

How long does PDR take?

A small door ding could take as little as 15 minutes. However, larger and hard to access damage could take up to a few hours. Considering a body shop will always require you to leave your car and get a rental or a ride home, PDR is not only half the cost, but also a fraction of the precious time we all yearn for more of.

Can you help with my lease return?

As you prepare to return your lease or privately sell your vehicle, you've noticed some small dings on the doors. You are afraid you will be charged on your lease for the repairs. Call Dealer Dents. We will fix these for half the cost of a body shop and your lease will be returned in the new looking condition you received it in.